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Thanks for partying at the annual Halloween Candy Buy Back. Some cool things have happened since. Because you brought in 2250lbs of candy, we donated 2250lbs of fresh BC apples to the Calgary Food Bank. We then in December 2016 drove all the candy in a UHaul truck (it's a long story) to an amazing place in California called Blume Distillation where it was converted to ethanol. It was an amazing adventure - we're excited to share the full story in some future posts including fun short video episodes. Here's a super condensed, overly epic, sneak peak trailer video ... hang on tight!:

At Maxwell Dental (formerly Evans Dental Health & Wellness), we're honored to assist you and your loved ones along the path towards optimal dental and overall health, or 'systemic health' - meaning we strive for all of your body's systems to be functioning at their maximum potential.

The unique mix of services we offer are in large part an ongoing response to the growing demand from informed patients for dental care that considers treatment through a holistic lense. A wellness philosophy that forms the foundation for achieving and maintaining wellness is the reason for this outrageous Halloween event; it's actually event attendees and new patients like you who've over the years designed the event!

If you're researching and have questions about dental materials or treatment options, we invite you to contact us. Tell us your story and allow us to listen, learn and assist you along the path to optimal dental health.

The connection between thinking and doing things differently, whether in dentistry, nutrition or even energy, can seem a bit disjointed, tenuous or crazy even. Yet in each case there's a status quo that's in need of change. We tried for years to find a local player willing to brew this candy but alas, eventually were compelled to pack up and go directly to David Blume, the man who literally wrote the book on fuel alcohol. Did we burn gasoline to deliver the candy? Of course, a lot of it, but we're working at it. "Here's to the crazy ones..." What do you think?