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Holistic Family & Dental Hygiene Clinic

Total Wellness

Maxwell Dental (formerly Evans Dental Health & Wellness) endorses informed self-care habits and encourages people to take a proactive role in their dental care. We're founded on a wellness philosophy of healthy lifestyle, detoxification, nutrition and ongoing education.

The scientific protocols and co-diagnosis at Maxwell Dental support patients who wish to have their mercury amalgam fillings safely removed for health reasons, thereby reducing toxic heavy metal burden. More broadly, with gum disease, we reject the pervasive periodontal sub-standard of care which over time equates to little more than supervised neglect.

Bleeding gums are a sign of periodontal infection and systemic inflammation and are simply not normal. While offering cutting edge cosmetic and advanced restorative treatments we emphatically stress the ideal of avoiding the need for these treatments in the first place.

We offer the least invasive options where possible and support patients with instruction and inspiration as they diligently care for their teeth and dental work at home. We aim to role model eating cleanly, exercising regularly, resting and managing stress.

Our mission as a partner in health is to motivate and teach people to live more healthy, productive lives and to share with others the blessing of a lifetime of wellness.

Holistic Dentistry in Calgary

Dr. Evans believes in an approach to Dentistry that prioritizes overall health and wellness above symptom suppression. The relationship between dental health and overall health are far closer than many realize.

Our approach to Dentistry encompasses the best of modern science along with perspective from natural healing. Our belief is that aspects of mainstream dental education do not adequately acknowledge the importance of the body system as a whole when determining preventive and corrective treatments of certain oral ailments.

Avoidance of Toxins

We avoid introducing into the body potentially harmful substances such as mercury and fluoride wherever possible. We also carefully consider the effects of all and any substances we put in our patients mouths. We offer biocompatibility testing for patients concerned with sensitivities and disorders in addition to testing for electro galvanism where dissimilar metals can create issues.

More than Acute Care

We evaluate not only aesthetics, but also both dental and systemic function. We believe in proactively addressing chronic issues like inflammation and have a policy of Zero Tolerance for Bleeding Gums #ZT4BG.

Listen and Support healthy living

Maxwell Dental (formerly Evans Dental Health & Wellness) supports patients in their lifelong journey towards dental and overall health. We listen & offer unique approaches and help patients understand their options through co-diagnosis. Our patients understand the beneficial effects of proper nutrition, regular exercise, and maintaining a health-conscious lifestyle.

A Healthy Mouth

If left to build up, harmful bacteria cause swelling, bleeding and inflammation. These harmful dental bacteria have been found in all parts of the body from joints, to brain tissue, to the valves on your heart. The relationship between periodontal disease and other chronic inflammatory conditions is startling.

With our new patent exam we do Bacteria Microscope Slide analysis and DNA testing. We also offer Periowave & Perio-Protect.