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Crafted with dental principles prioritizing your health above all else.


A Holistic Approach To Dentistry

Caring for Your Health with the Utmost Precision

Maxwell Dental (formerly Evans Dental Health & Wellness) is founded on dental principles prioritizing systemic health above all else. Our holistic dentist in Calgary operates on a wellness philosophy centred on holistic health and personalized care.

We strongly encourage our patients to participate in healthy habits like detoxing, eating well, staying active, and learning more about their health. At Maxwell, we are committed to helping our patients in these efforts to reach their best health.

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At Maxwell Dental, our patients’ dental and overall health are our foremost priorities. It serves as the guiding principle behind all our treatment options.

This chart, prominently displayed throughout our clinic, serves to illustrate the Maxwell Dental Wellness Philosophy.

Our biological dentist in Calgary begins with adopting a lifestyle focused on healthy eating, regular exercise, and managing stress through significant rest. These choices are fundamental to overall health and well-being.

Another key priority for us is to minimize the toxic load in your body. We devote considerable effort to reducing toxicity by avoiding and removing toxins that commonly build up in the mouth. Many of these toxins originate from traditional dental practices.

Following that, our biological dentist near you prioritizes equipping our patients with the necessary information to engage in informed self-care and proactive medical management.

About Our Dentists

About Our Dentists

Dr. Greff is a Full Service General Dentist with a Holistic Approach to Oral Health

dr. benjamin greff

Dr. Benjamin Greff

Dr. Benjamin Greff, the owner and lead dentist at Maxwell Dental, upholds the clinic’s longstanding tradition of over 30 years of treating dental health with a holistic approach and prioritizing patient well-being above all else. Dr. Greff believes that the biological approach to general dentistry is the gold standard of oral health care. He advocates for patients to strive for optimal health and wellness by offering dentistry that emphasizes the crucial oral-systemic connection.

dr. millar

Dr. Millar

Dr. Millar is a dedicated dentist with a passion for achieving dental excellence. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Mount Royal University and earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in Indianapolis, Indiana. Throughout her time at Maxwell Dental, Dr. Millar has been committed to providing exceptional general dentistry services while building meaningful connections with her patients. With her expertise, get ready for an incredible smile transformation.

dr. kerbrat

Dr. Kerbrat

Dr. Kerbrat is a dedicated dentist with a strong commitment to providing compassionate and thorough dental care. Her dental journey started as a dental assistant after high school, where she gained valuable experience in the field. Dr. Kerbrat then pursued advanced dental education in Melbourne, Australia, a renowned centre for dental excellence, where she further developed her expertise. Her unwavering dedication to enhancing oral health and brightening smiles shines through her work at Maxwell Dental, making her a valuable advocate for healthier and happier smiles.

Maxwell Dentists

Maxwell Airdrie

Dr. Joshua Cooper

Dr. Joshua Cooper grew up in Alberta, born in Edmonton and moved to Calgary at the age of 9. He graduated from dental school at Griffith University in Australia. His time outside of the country has helped him gain a love and appreciation for the people of Alberta and the province itself. Growing up he worked with his hands, helping out at his father’s woodshop and working in landscaping and cabinetry, he grew to learn hard work and problem solving on the fly. This early training brought a passion for creating with his hands and has translated to a commitment to excellence in his dental work. Dr Cooper brings a warm and calm demeanor and has always valued listening and helping others. He focuses on a patient-centered approach to dental care making sure that his patients feel heard and that there is a collaboration in their oral health goals. Dr Cooper focuses on creating connections built on empathy, trust, and mutual understanding. He looks forward to working with you to achieve your oral health goals.

~Our Story~

Open For Business
The year was 1980. A young Dr. Evans opened the doors to Evans Dental Health & Wellness, with a focus on practicing dentistry that was in harmony with the whole body.

Continued Growth
Over the course of 30 years, Dr Evans refines his practices and grows the business further establishing it in the community.

First Annual Candy Buy Back Event
What began as a simple experiment in 2007, has now become a tradition for over a decade. Maxwell Dental will buy Halloween candy from children to promote maximum wellness and limit the damages caused by excess sugar.

Welcome Dr. Greff
Dr. Evans invites Dr Greff to join the practice and personally trains him on practicing general dentistry with a holistic approach.

New Practice
In 2017, Dr Greff takes over the practice under the new name Maxwell Dental.
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