Healthy Mouth Baseline

Built on dental principles that make your health our top priority. 


Health Mouth Baseline

Your mouth is the gateway to overall health and wellness.

Research continues to demonstrate that infection and toxicity in the mouth is linked to higher risks of heart disease, diabetes and many other systemic diseases and inflammatory chronic conditions. 

As advocates for your overall wellness, we will be checking the following healthy mouth indicators:

Systemic Health / Toxicity

Healthy Gums

Healthy Teeth

Cosmetic Health

Healthy Bite / Mouth / Jaw

Dr. Ben Greff

About Your Dentist

Dr. Greff is a Full Service General Dentist with a Holistic Approach to Oral Health

Dr. Benjamin Greff

Dr. Benjamin Greff is the owner and primary dentist at Maxwell Dental. He is continuing the 30+ year tradition held by the clinic to treat dental health with a holistic approach, and to place patient health as the primary concern. Dr. Greff holds that a biological approach is the highest standard for oral health treatment. He encourages patients to seek optimal health and wellness by providing dentistry that focuses on the oral-systemic connection.

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Holistic Dentist Calgary


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