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is botox natural?

Over the past couple of months, we have had a ton of patients asking about Botox treatments and whether or not we do them here, at Maxwell Dental.

This got us thinking, does Botox fit our philosophy of a holistic approach to general dentistry? Is it safe, what are the possible side effects, and is it something we can incorporate into the office?

Through our research, we found that Botox uses a natural purified protein – produced by bacteria – to relax and soften your muscles that are spasming and contracting in unhealthy ways.

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botox in general dentistry

The reason more and more dentists are getting involved, is because there are really no other trained doctors out there that are as familiar with head and neck anatomy as dentists are.

To responsibly use Botox, you must have an intricate knowledge of the connection between your head and neck, where the nerves are located, and how you can safely relax them with Botox treatment.


USES OF botox

Other than the expected use of Botox for cosmetic reasons such as wrinkles, the uses of Botox can be widespread. It can be used throughout the body to treat multiple different conditions, such as:


botox Pricing

The number of units of Botox needed can vary depending on many factors like location, age,  gender, muscles, wrinkle level and your desired end goal. See below for out price per unit for Botox:

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