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Watch this video and hear Dr. Bob Dickson speak about fluoride and its impact on the body.
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An interview with
Dr. Bob Dickson

founder of Safe Water Calgary

On July 24th, Calgary will be making a big decision regarding our water – do we add fluoride to our water or not? As this is a very important subject, we wanted to bring in an expert to tell us all about what water fluoridation will mean for Calgarians.

There is all this talk about fluoride going around and whether it is good for the body or not, so in order to help get some clarity on the subject, we brought in Dr. Bob Dickson, a fluoride specialist to answer some of the common questions we get from our patients.

Watch this video and hear Dr. Bob Dickson speak about fluoride and its impact on the body.

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Why did WE start putting fluoride into the water?

Dr. Dickson explains that it was mainly due to the discovery made by an early researcher, Dr. Harold Hodge. He noticed that there were a lot of places in the United States where people had brown speckled teeth that were also more resistant to tooth decay. This was found to be due to the natural fluoride in the water in those areas. Dr. Dickson goes on to explain that around the same time there was an excess amount of fluoride as a waste product from the aluminum and nuclear industries that needed to be dealt with and was therefore dumped in the public water supply.

He continues to say that the majority of the fluoride that has been, and could be again, used in our water is called hydrofluorosilicic acid (HFSA), and comes from fertilizer waste stacks mostly from the southern states of the USA but now also from China.

When you consume fluoride, what happens to your body?

To learn more about fluoride before the hearing on July 24th, visit safewatercalgary.com


QuestionS & Answers

Dr. Bob Dickson is the founder of Safe Water Calgary, which has been educating the public on the subject of fluoride and its impact on our teeth and our bodies for 20 years. Here are some of the highlights in this video:

When you consume fluoride, what happens to your body?

Dr. Dickson explains that, once in the body this tiny aggressive ion crosses the gut barrier as well as the blood-brain barrier, it even crosses the placental barrier for pregnant women. Eventually it gets everywhere in the body. In terms of it getting out of out body, for adults our kidneys are able to filter out about 50% of the fluoride, but for kids their kidneys can only filter out about only 20%. That leaves the other 50% and 80% that will go into the bone and brain.

The fluoride that resides in the bone will build up over time making the bones thicker and weaker and the fluoride that resides in the brain will impact the neurological system.

Is there a safe amount of fluoride in the body?

Dr. Dickson believes there is not. He explains that the dosage in parts per million (ppm) keeps being reduced and reduced further but the real issue it that not everyone will be drinking the same amount of water. A small woman athlete drinking several glasses of water after a run, compared to a large grown man who is sitting at his desk and not drinking a lot of water will both be taking in different amounts of fluoride. Then he mentions that we also need to consider the toxic dose for an adult compared to a child compared to a baby compared to a fetus – this is where the issues lie.

What about the fluoride in our toothpaste?

Dr. Dickson mentions that any topical uses for fluoride should not be swallowed.

What about other places in the world?

Dr. Dickson explains that 95% of the world does not use fluoride in their water, 97% of Europe does not fluorinate the water.

Isn’t it good for the oral health of the underprivileged?

In fact, Dr. Dickson explains that there are a lot of other ways to do help the oral health of the underprivileged, and, if this actually helped the underprivileged he would be onboard. However, he tells us that it is really these groups of people that are more susceptible to the side effects of fluoridation.

What is Fluorosis?

Fluorosis is the first visible sign of fluoride overdose, the white and brown spots on the teeth, Dr. Dickson explains. He explains that the United States has more than 70% fluorinated water and over 50% of American teens experience fluorosis. Most fluorosis, he continues, is mild and doesn’t need to be treated, however, moderate and severe fluorosis can be very costly for the patient.

What are the potential systemic risks of consuming fluorinated water?

Dr. Dicksons tells us about the bioaccumulation of fluoride in our bodies as it can get into our system from a variety of places (i.e. drinks, processed foods, fruits and vegetables to keep them from ripening, etc). He explains the studies, by Canadian, American and Mexican researchers from 2017-2018 have been able to connect fluoride to neurotoxicity in children that effect the IQ and the thyroid.

At Maxwell Dental, we want to make sure you have all the information you need to make any decision that pertains to your oral and overall health, bringing in the experts to shed light on topics that are questioned in our office every day. We hope that you learned something from Dr. Bob Dicksons, because we know we did!

To learn more about fluoride and Dr. Bob Dickson before the hearing about fluorinating Calgary’s water on July 24th, visit safewatercalgary.com.


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